Project Description


After over 6 years at Vivid Ink, Charley has established herself as a true favourite of staff and customers alike due to her artistic ability and an extremely positive attitude. Specialising in all things colourful she always brings her unique flair and talents to every piece that she does! We have loved having Charley around for the last half a decade and here’s to many more smiles and fantastic memories to come.

What styles of tattoos do you specialise in?
I like doing most styles but I mostly enjoy colour pieces and black and grey realism.

What influenced you to become a tattoo artist?
I have always loved art (drawing and painting) whilst studying my degree I started to get tattooed myself and thought I would like to try it.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?
Crafting and making things, upcycling furniture, sowing, painting pottery, I like being outside and busy in new places, I also like the usual things, hanging out with my mates and watching tv series.