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Hi, I'm Clayton

Tattoo Artist @ Vivid Ink Birmingham

A true workaholic!

It is rare that you will meet someone so talented yet so humble.

This is Cleyton in a Nutshell.

Cleyton has been tattooing for many years now – first turning his hand to a tattoo machine in Brazil at just 15 years old!

Having worked all over Europe and South America –

Cleyton now calls Birmingham his home.

Having recently finished best of show during the 2022 Ink and Iron Convention.

Idolised and looked up to in his home town of Campinas.

He’s dedication to his craft continues to inspire future artists from his hometown!

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Clayton's Q & A

I was always into art. I was tattooing from a young age back in Brazil and before this I was painting and drawing! I can’t remember my life before tattooing and art!

I mainly work in black and grey realism but also love colour realism to 🙂

When I am not working I do enjoy hosting a good BBQ!! I also enjoy graffiti displays and other forms of art 🙂

The most enjoyable part of my job for sure is the look on a clients face after the work is finished!

Usually a memorial piece can mean the most to me!

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