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Hi, I'm Evie

Tattoo Artist @ Vivid Ink Walsall

Evie successfully graduated from our academy in 2022 and has fit into the Walsall team amazingly. She has a flare for colour realism but can turn her hand to most styles of tattooing. Evie has quickly built a line of regular clients purely through her great work, confidence and professionalism. She enjoys all sorts of great movies and books and also loves trying out food at all sorts of different restaurants!

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I studied fine art at uni and did some illustrating and writing for packaging, magazines etc.

I specialise in realism, both black and grey and colour. My favourite thing to do will always be portraiture.

I’m a big book and movie nerd. Anything related to the 1950s, love my vintage Hollywood.

I love getting to draw, every day, for a living. For any creative that has to be the absolute dream. And getting to meet so many people and hear their stories

I’ve done a fair few memorial tattoos, I particularly enjoy turning scars into something clients feel confident about. The one that stands out was for someone dear to me, I got to turn their self harm scars into a design which honoured their journey rather than covering them up.

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