Kiah Q&A What styles of tattoos do you specialise in? I’ve always had a big interest in anime and pop culture since I was young, and this has translated into my artwork and tattoos. I also enjoy doing linework, neo-traditional and floral designs. What influenced you to become a tattoo artist? [...]



Dorian Dorian was one of the original 2 artists who were resident artists at the opening of Vivid Ink Birmingham. After 3 years with the company he decided to travel around enjoying the tattooing lifestyle, he would return to the studios regularly and has since returned on a full-time basis. Dorian [...]



George Famed for his Large personality and love of custom script, George has made a real impact since joining our team a little over a year ago. Extremely passionate about what he does George is his own harshest critic as he believes this is the only way to reach his goals. [...]



Cleyton A true perfectionist, Cleyton is never happy until every last detail has been placed into his artwork. Specialising in all forms of realism and traditional tattooing, This is truly more than a job for Cleyton, someone who was drawing from humble beginnings in brazil long before he became a tattoo [...]

Jodie – Piercer


Jodie What is your favourite type of piercing? Anything that is a double, especially double nostril and double conch What influenced you to become a Piercer? The love of art of body modification since I was 12 years old What do you like to do when you’re not working? I enjoy [...]



Ivo Long standing Guest artist Ivo is someone who visits the studio for a few months each year. He is always hard to find a slot with as his customers are always willing to wait for his return, recognising his incredible level of work, combined with an exceptional work ethic. Specialising [...]



Fiona Always smiling Fiona has been a long-standing artist here at Vivid Ink, recently making the short trip over from our sister Moseley branch. Known for her custom Neo-traditional, dot-work and gorgeous Mandala designs, Fiona was very quickly able to establish a large client base, all of whom appreciate her hard [...]



Mike A true all rounder Mike is always up for any challenge. Whether it be tiny micro pieces or Large scale realism, even linework designs, Mike never fails to disappoint. Many of his long standing customers are now also his good friends as he is always willing to go above and [...]



Sava What styles of tattoos do you specialize in? Faces, animals or full bodies, colour and black and grey realism with abstract elements. Mechanical parts, architectural elements and geometric shapes. What influenced you to become a tattoo artist? Influences from friends, I have been into drawing since I was a young [...]



Vijay Vj has been with Vivid Ink for 8 years placing him as one of our longest-standing artists. Always in high demand due to the attention to detail he puts into his work. You can often tell when Vj is working due to laughter coming from his station whilst he and [...]