Alan When it comes to realism, no challenge is too big for Alan, someone who loves to take on the most complex of cover-ups or full-scale full-colour pieces, Someone who has expressed his talents all over the globe. Working in many countries, before settling here at Vivid Ink Birmingham. When he [...]



Kay Specialising in black and grey floral pieces, as well as line work and Mandala. Kay is a great choice for customers who love fine details! Not just a great artist but also a great person also, Kay now has many friends who she has met whilst tattooing, again an artist [...]



Sean Specialising in all things Neo-traditional, Sean is a well-liked and valued member of the team. When he is not tattooing or drawing you will find Sean in the skatepark brushing up on his skills or watching some of his favourite Anime shows. Not only does he have amazing use of [...]