Liam The heart and soul of the studio, Liam is truly the energy of the studio boosting everyone’s moods with his positive mental attitude. This young artist will not shy away from large scale project or singing his heart out while working. An all-rounder specialising in black and grey realism, dotwork [...]



Jamaine Specialising in full colour tattoos, Jai has a real flair for all colour designs and loves a challenge, no idea is too much for her! You will see from her work tattooing is something she is extremely passionate about! She also loves painting in her free time which is also [...]



Marianthi The lovely Marianthi joined the studio in 2019 as the studio apprentice and quickly developed into one of our finest artists. Specialising in dot work, pattern-work, colour and black grey traditional. This young artist is always starving to develop her skill set and she will never turn down the opportunity [...]



Stefan The Da Vinci of our generation an artist with a vast verity of skill sets and background in Art. He joined the studio as a Junior artist in 2015 and quickly developed into one of our extraordinary realism artists working both in colour and black and grey realism. When Stefan is [...]



Alex One of the friendliest and lighthearted artists specialising in black and grey realism and surrealism. A very lovable character who is always striving for perfection. Expect nothing but best from Alex as he always approaches each project with the aim to exceed expectations and never fails to deliver! Alex Q&A [...]