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The Top Ways Your Tattoo Studio Take Care of Your Health and Safety

https://youtu.be/qbzGpyWbPH8 The Top Ways Your Tattoo Studio Can Take Care of Your Health and Safety At the time of writing we are currently in the UK’s 3rd National lockdown which has shown that now more than ever people are becoming increasing conscious of their health. In this blog we want to talk about [...]

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Laser tattoo removal – How it works, the pros and cons

https://youtu.be/ocHoJkD-N30 Laser Tattoo Removal Laser tattoo removal is one of our key services we offer at vivid ink. Many people come to us for Lightening of a previous tattoo for a cover up or wanting to completely getting rid of a tattoo, we get loads of questions about this and hopefully this post [...]

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Vivid Ink Coventry – in progress

We cannot wait to show you what we have been working on! We thought we would give everybody a glimpse into the work which has been commencing on the 10th Vivid Ink Tattoo shop in Coventry, the studio is looking fantastic if we do say so ourselves and we really look forward to showing [...]

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Were still here

We are still here So, unless you have been hiding under a rock, which may seem like a good idea at the moment, I think it’s fair to say you know the U.K is in another national lockdown, what does this mean for tattoo studios?  Unfortunately, it means we have had to temporarily close [...]

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Vivid Ink Derby – Now open

Vivid Ink Derby Now Open It is with great pride that we have opened our doors for all tattooing services in our derby studio this week,Vivid Ink Derby launched on Tuesday the 8th of December and the reception has been nothing short of fantastic. Amazing feedback from the local residents has been received on [...]

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Welcome Back

WE ARE BACK… November was a long month for all in the U.K with the closure of all none essential business due to the national lockdown,  However, the doors to our tattoo studios across the Midlands, are once again open to all of our fantastic customers. We look forward to seeing you all soon. [...]

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Body Piercing

Body Piercing Body piercing is an increasingly popular form of Body art where an extremely small incision is made into the skin, creating an opening in which Jewellery may be worn or Implant inserted in order to decorate the body. This is an increasingly popular act which can be used to express one’s individuality [...]

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Eddy’s Ink – Vivid Ink halloween special

Eddy's Ink Vivid Ink presents our 1st halloween special... its all a bit of fun and we hope you enjoy. We will have a fun social media Halloween competition to come in the following weeks so keep your eyes peeled for a chance to get involved and win some awesome prizes. [...]

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Your Tattoo Budget

Your Tattoo Budget Vivid Inkers all over the West Midlands (and beyond) are always excited to get a new piece of ink. Truly, who isn’t when we have such a wonderful range of artists working with us? You know that every piece will be spectacular, and it often means that we are eager to [...]

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Large Tattoos

Large TattoosLarge tattoos are continuing in popularity. Although large tattoos are a big decision, we continue to create extensive pieces on the arms, back and legs which vary from one continuous piece to individual and varied designs linked together.Due to the size, complexity and time required for such pieces, we often receive many queries about [...]

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