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Springtime Tattoos

Springtime Symbolism The arrival of spring means that flowers will be blooming, the weather will be getting warmer, and tattoos will be on people's minds. This season is a popular time to get inked with floral designs, butterflies, and other symbols of the new season. If you're thinking about getting [...]

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Finger Tattoos

Introducing Finger Tattoos Celebrities and everyday people alike are getting inked on their fingers. But what are the most popular finger tattoos? And why are they so popular? There's nothing more chic than a delicate finger tattoo. Whether it's a dainty flower or a minimalist symbol, [...]

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A Brief History of Piercing Needles

Body piercing is the art of perforating a part of the human body so that a piece of jewellery or other ornamental object can be worn. There is evidence to suggest the practice has been around since ancient times, with mummified bodies showing signs of piercings. This includes Ötzi the Iceman.    Over 5,000 years [...]

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Vivid Ink During Covid-19

New Normal As the world begins to return to some sense of normal – the new normal that is – we know many of our clients have questions, worries and uncertainties. When it comes to returning to the studio and what the experience will be like during this pandemic. We know that our customers have [...]

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Booking With Vivid

5 Steps to Booking We understand that booking a new tattoo is a huge step – that you want to know you are in good hands and will be taken care of, from the conception of your idea all the way through to its creation. At Vivid we constantly tell our customers that we are [...]

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Tech and Tattoos

Tech and Tattoos The evolution of Artificial Intelligence — AI — from something menacingly coming at us in various shapes and sizes from distant futures in sci-fi movies, to something that is a major part of our everyday life has been swift. Assisting, chartering, calculating and developing, it is hard to imagine life today without [...]

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Sacred Geometry Tattoos

Exploring Sacred Geometry Tattoos Drawing on the knowledge of symmetry found in nature, such as in honeycombs, nautilus shells, sunflowers, peacocks, snowflakes etc, Sacred Geometry Tattoos use repetitive patterns in order to emulate the sense of ease and harmony that these natural phenomena project. Expressing an admiration for how these shapes work in creating our [...]

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Preparing for a Tattoo

No matter if you are getting your very first piece of body art, or if you are already covered in ink from head to toe, each experience is unique. And some slightly more… intense than others. In any case, it pays off to set yourself up as well as possible beforehand in order to make [...]

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Tattoo Laws Europe and USA

Tattoo Laws Europe and USA Denmark, as stated in a previous entry, was one of the first countries in Europe to embrace tattoo culture, when its king was seen on the cover of LIFE magazine bare-chested and with numerous tattoos from local Copenhagen artists in 1951. It is therefore ironic that it has the only [...]

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