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Space Themed Tattoo Inspiration

Space Themed Tattoo Inspiration We continue on our journey out into the cosmos and the worlds beyond our solar system. Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson may not have gone all that far on their first space explorations. However, we aim a little higher and look to the heavenly realms for our next round of tattoo [...]

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The Space Race – Alien Tattoos

The Space Race - Alien Tattoos Photo from Instagram @danmcwilliamsart With Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos nearly tripping over each other in their own private billionaire space race, we thought this would be a good time to dedicate a few posts to sci-fi and other things cosmos, and their intersection with the world [...]

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How Does Earlobe Stretching Work?

How Does Earlobe Stretching Work? Photo: Valter Campanato/ABr via Wikimedia There are several different ways of stretching, or gauging, your earlobes. However, they all begin with the same step - get your ears pierced at a reputable studio by an experienced practitioner, such as the talented Vivid Ink team of body piercers. The [...]

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Stretching In Body Piercing

Stretching In Body Piercing Stretching, in the context of body piercing, means to deliberately expand a healed piercing so that you can wear a specific kind of jewellery. As we mentioned in one of our previous posts on the history of piercings and body modifications, even the ancient Egyptians were fans of stretching their pierced earlobes. [...]

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Pro Tennis Player Tattoos

Pro Tennis Player Tattoos It is rather common to see sports stars with lots of tattoos these days. However, one of the last athletic pursuits to resist the inked up trend has been tennis. The sociocultural context along with the dress code has long made for an underrepresentation of tattoos on athletes in tennis. But [...]

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Pet Tattoos

Pet Tattoos In a recent post, we looked at the rising trend of friendship tattoos and some inspiration from famous people who have gotten them done. Friendship tattoos between people can be matching, in the same or different locations on the body, or complimentary, like those pieces of a heart-shaped necklace you would share with [...]

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A History of Piercings – Part II

A History of Piercings - Part II In our last post on the theme, we traced piercing back to at least 12.000 years ago. Ancient civilisations from Africa to Asia all used body modifications to determine social status or to function as protection from evil spirits and demons. Ancient Romans wore studs in their ears. [...]

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Tattoos of the Euro and Copa América finals

Tattoos of the Euro and Copa América Finals We have already taken a deeper look at some of the amazing work of art adorning some of the national football team of Italy, along with the personal pieces of England forward Raheem Sterling. However, it would be amiss of us to note the final of the [...]

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The History of Piercings – Part I

The History of Piercings - Part I Some decades ago, most people in the West thought of piercings as a classic and often discreet ear lobe or two. Perhaps we mostly tend to think of more prominent or substantial piercings, such as nose or tongue, as more recent phenomena, something that came about as [...]

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Friendship Tattoos

Friendship Tattoos As the world is tentatively coming back online, we emerge with - hopefully - a newfound or strengthened sense of what is truly important to us. No, not only the speedy holidays to Portugal or the pints down at the pub (although, of course, those are pretty spectacular too), but most of all, [...]

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