New Normal

As the world begins to return to some sense of normal – the new normal that is – we know many of our clients have questions, worries and uncertainties. When it comes to returning to the studio and what the experience will be like during this pandemic.

We know that our customers have spent the previous months working hard to do their bit during this difficult time. Staying at home and ensuring the safety of our nation, so we want to reassure you that now we are back open.  We are doing the same, continuing to do our best to protect your health and safety during these unusual times.


As usual, Vivid Ink will work on an appointment only basis, however, there is a slight change to this. Due to government guidelines we kindly ask that you come on time to your appointment – this means not only avoiding being late, but not coming early too. If you arrive for your appointment early we ask that you wait outside until your appointment time.  This will ensure we can maintain social distancing between customers and can also ensure we have time between each booking to thoroughly clean our stations. We know that normally we would be eager to have you there early, even if just for a chat. We hope this can return soon, however, in the meantime working closely to our schedule will ensure our studio can stay open during this time. This booking basis is also required for body piercings, which you can book online through Booksy or by calling the studio.


As we all know, hygiene is crucial to helping stop the spread of Covid-19. Due to this, we have increased the cleaning of our studios and our artists are frequently washing their hands and using hand sanitiser throughout the day to ensure your safety. Because of this, we have also placed hand sanitiser stations in the studio for you, our customers. It is mandatory that you use these non-touch stations on entry to the store to protect not only yourself but others around you. Please use these stations not only when entering, but during any breaks in your tattoo sitting and when you leave the studio.

The Artists

Our artists have been eager to get back to the studio and are extremely happy to have returned, but we are ensuring that they remain safe whilst doing so. All our artists are wearing protective face-covering visors, in addition to the normal PPE of gloves and aprons which they usually where. For you, although not compulsory, we offer free masks which we encourage you to take advantage of (and your artist, in certain circumstances, may ask for you to wear). PPE and the use of face masks have been proven to help reduce the spread of Covid so are in place to protect you where possible.

Reception Area and Consultations

The reception area and consultations are important aspects of visiting the Vivid Ink Studios, and we want to maintain this as much as possible. Currently only 4 customers will be allowed in our reception area – this is 2 visitors talking to our reception team and 2 waiting on our sofas (socially distanced of course). Due to this, we ask you to wait outside until there is adequate space, allowing you to maintain social distancing in the studio.


Your Role:


Finally, we ask that you do not attend your appointment if you or anyone in your household has any of the following symptoms of Covid-19:

  • A high temperature
  • A new and continuous cough
  • Loss of taste or smell

Please don’t worry about cancelling your appointment in these situations, we will ensure they are rescheduled as soon as it is safe to do so, and without the loss of your deposit!

Similarly, if you show any of these symptoms shorty after visiting we encourage you to get tested as soon as possible. If your test comes back positive, please let us know as soon as you can so we are able to inform our other clients and ensure the necessary precautions are taken.

Let’s work together to ensure everyone is safe and that everyone can get the new ink they’ve been patiently waiting for!