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Hi, I'm Adrian

Tattoo Artist @ Vivid Ink Coventry

Adrian joined our Vivid ink Coventry team in May 2022 and has fit right in!

Adrian hails from Poland but has been living in the UK for most of his life and has developed a passion for art from a young age!

Adrian is the Anime man and has produced many tattoos celebrating classic and new anime from One piece to Jujutsu Kaisen!

He also has a passion for black and grey realism and blackwork, especially with large-scale pieces! Adrian is a man of leisure and if he’s not in the studio you can normally find him taking photos of his beautiful pup Caramel.

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Graphic design

Realism Anime Blackwork

Playing basketball, creating pixel art, going to the gym.

Seeing the completed piece after a lot of hours put into it, especially sleeves.

The tattoo itself was basic just a bit of lettering on the hand on a guy that came from India which read “No farmers No Food” which was to convey the ongoing war of farmers vs the government in India.

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