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How Painful is Getting A Tattoo Really?

So you are excited, or dare we say a little nervous, about getting your first tattoo. Sure, there are all kinds of things that could be causing the butterflies. However, more often than not, the culprit is not knowing what to expect when it comes to pain. Even for seasoned tattoo aficionados, getting something done on an entirely new body part can be cause for pre-chair jitters. But just how much will it actually hurt?

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Top Piercing Trends for Summer 2021

Summer is almost here. Well, you never know what the weather may get up to, but at least hats seem to be off. And we can finally have a semblance of social life again. As you know, Vivid Ink does not only host the most talented tattoo artists in the Midlands but is also home to some incredible piercers. So with lighter, warmer times ahead, what better time than now to have a look at the key trends leading the way in piercing for summer 2021? Particularly with some mask restrictions still in place and our smiles hid from view, there is no better way to showcase a little bit more personality.

As we emerge out of a trying year, many of us are yearning for change. While the first thing many consider when looking to bring some new energy to one’s appearance may be an updated wardrobe or a haircut (top tip, stay away from bangs unless you are absolutely sure), tattoos and piercings will keep you checking yourself out in the mirror and boosting confidence for much longer.

By Jodie at Vivid Ink Birmingham

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The Tattoos of  NikkieTutorials

In our last post, we put the spotlight on one of the ink-covered stars of last week’s Eurovision Song Contest. And while Damiano David may have stolen the show, and a heart or two, Rotterdam presenter/glamazon Nikkie de Jager, better known to her 13 million followers by her YouTube handle NikkieTutorials, is no stranger to a good tattoo. The Dutch makeup artist and vlogger’s arms and ink were on full display during last Saturday’s final event, and we couldn’t help but want to take a closer look at just what is going on with her ink.

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The Tattoos of Damiano David

When the Eurovision Song Contest took place in Rotterdam last weekend, something was a little different. Tattoos were front and centre on display, not only on the singer of Italy’s winning rock contribution from Måneskin, Damiano David, but also on one of the show’s presenters, Nikkie de Jager. Does this mean tattoos are officially mainstream now? We’ll leave that debate for another day, but let’s take a look at the ink adorning the stage, along with all the pyrotechnics and silvery sequins.

From Damiano David’s Instagram account @ykaaar

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What to Expect When Your Tattoo Is Healing – Part 2

Now, remember that some people heal faster than others. What is true for you might not be true for your best friend. Even if you got tattoos around the same time, the process might differ depending on genetics, lifestyle, and – what you are eating. Here we try to continue to provide you with a more or less a general timeline.

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What To Expect When Your Tattoo Is Healing

By Vic from Vivid Ink Derby

Your tattoo artist will repeatedly stress the importance of good after-care and letting your tattoo heal properly. Their design and skill can only do so much, then it is a collaborative effort on your end to set your new tattoo up for vibrant longevity.

If you are new to getting your skin inked, the process of healing may surprise you, or you may wonder if everything is as it should be. Don’t worry, we are here to walk you through the stages your tattoo will go through before fully healed.

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What are Blackout Tattoos, and Should You Consider Getting One?

Blackout tattoos are when a large part of your body, often arms, legs or neck, but back and chest are becoming increasingly common, are covered in black ink. They are definite statement pieces that attract a lot of attention. They used to be a real rarity, but lately, their popularity has exploded.

Even artists who now specialise in them say that up until a few years ago, they were only doing about one blackout tattoo per year. Then it became one per month. And then, as tends to happen this day in age, the style gained Instagram fame and bookings for blackouts shot through the roof.

By George from Vivid Ink Birmingham

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What Goes Into the Cost of a Tattoo?

It has been said a million times, but we will say it again – good tattoos are not cheap, and cheap tattoos are not good (unless they are done by one of Vivid Ink’s fantastic apprentices, of course). But why exactly are tattoos (relatively) expensive? Let’s break down the different cost points so that you have a greater understanding of what your money is paying for. As if that gorgeous new piece of body art wasn’t enough.


How To Choose the Right Tattoo Artist For You

So you have decided you want a tattoo and what you would like to get. Now you have to choose your artist. Easier said than done, particularly in the time of social media and Instagram-ink when the sheer volume of possibilities may feel a little overwhelming.

However, the chance has also never been greater for you to find the perfect artist to make your vision come to life on your skin. What is so amazing about a set of studios like Vivid Ink is that the quality of every single artist is vouched for, while there is such an abundance of styles and expertise that you are bound to find just the right person to work with.

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Tattooing History of Scotland – Modern Era

In the last post, we talked about the Picts and asked if Vikings had tattoos and, if they did, what did they look like? But tattooing history in Scotland, of course, also has a more modern chapter. About the same time as Sutherland Macdonald was setting up shop in London’s West End to tattoo the fashion-forward gentry of the time, Prince Vallar, aged just 16, opened a tattoo shop at 31 The Vennel in Greenock, a busy port town on the west coast of Scotland, not far from Glasgow.  

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A History of Tattooing in Scotland

Forgive us, but we are still geeking out on the history of tattooing in the United Kingdom. We will get back to more posts on tattooing techniques, custom made tattoos, styles, and all that jazz, but first, let’s take a look at the relationship to tattooing throughout history in Scotland.

The Painted Ones


Tattooing in the UK – Part II

Sutherland Macdonald was a huge driving force in making tattooing as popular as it was in Victorian England early on among the upper classes. In 1898, the Harmsworth monthly pictorial magazine, later known as the London magazine, estimated that as many as every fifth person among the gentry had tattoos.

Even Winston Churchill’s mother had a snake tattooed around her wrist. However, this, of course, pales compared to the number of British sailors sporting body art during the time, which was as high as 80%.

No longer confined either to back alleys around the harbours or to the one upscale establishment in London’s West End, however, it is now accessible to a much broader range of customers.

Today, about one-fifth of all Britons have at least one tattoo. That includes nearly half of all millennials. While there was certainly a lull in the practice’s popularity, Sutherland Macdonald and his influence definitely contributed to tattooing’s relatively early adoption into a more mainstream part of UK society.


Reopening and Homage to Tattooing in the UK

By Denis from Vivid Ink Wolverhampton

We interrupt the usual program this week for a celebratory post in honour of the reopening of the Vivid Ink tattoo studios. We know you have been waiting as impatiently and eagerly as the artists for things to get back into the buzzing swing. After all this time you have spent planning, daydreaming and saving for your new piece of body art, it’s finally time to get back under the needle and get your next tattoo. Just in time for it to heal beautifully until it’s time to show it off in shorts and tank tops.

The tattooing tradition has come a long way from Otzi the iceman, hand-poked Polynesian tribal tattoos, criminal branding and sailor service record markings. It would not be where it is today, so accessible, available and enjoyable to such a large audience if it wasn’t for the people who were driving forces behind its evolution. So in the spirit of jubilation, we thought we would celebrate some instrumental moments and iconic figures in the history of tattooing in the UK.

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