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We love answering questions, unlike a lot of studios we don’t expect you to know the intricacies of tattooing, that’s what experts are for. Below are the answers to some common questions we get asked, however if you have an alternative question. We are always happy to answer anything for the simple to the complicated.

Once your tattoo is complete, remove the cling film after two hours. Wash the tattoo using warm water and unfragranced soap. Pat it dry with a clean, dry towel and apply a thin layer of the recommended balm to the tattoo. Apply enough balm to make the skin shiny. Repeat the balm application 4-5 times a day, or whenever the skin is dry, for the whole of the initial 2 week healing period. After a few days, the top layer of the tattoo may start to peel, similar to a sunburn. Do not peel this off as it can take the ink out of your tattoo. It’s perfectly normal to see small flakes of coloured skin at this stage of the healing.
> Avoid long showers or baths while your tattoo is healing as prolonged soaking will loosen scabs that have formed and will have a detrimental effect on the healing process. Short showers (less than 10 minutes) are best.
> Do not go swimming in the ocean, swimming pools or hot tubs/saunas.
> Try not to scratch, scrub or pick at your new tattoo as disrupting the healing process can lead to scar tissue. Applying the recommended Balm will help with any itching.
> Wait until your tattoo is fully healed (about 6 weeks) before going in the sun or using a tanning bed and always use a high-quality sunblock. (Never apply any suncream to a tattoo that is still healing).
No, as a company we pride ourselves on being well equipped to tattoo whatever the client requests, this ranges through from the big and bold, to the smaller and more delicate pieces! Although on our portfolios you may see more of the large scale pieces, we all have a lot of experience in tattooing designs of all shapes and sizes and all of equal importance!
No, the health and wellbeing of you and your child always comes first. When you are pregnant your skin can be highly sensitive and due to the increased stress that your body is under, the chances of you passing out are greatly increased, your body could go into shock causing premature labour. With breastfeeding some of the ink can penetrate the blood stream Even though the above risks are minimal, for sure its worth waiting until after pregnancy/breastfeeding before starting or completing your tattoo.
The cost of our tattoos can vary depending on a number of different variations such as the size or style of the tattoo. We currently have a minimum charge of 45 for our resident artists (This can be lower for Junior/Apprentice artist) Following on from that we have varying hourly rates ranging from between 60-80 pounds per hour depending on the artist. We feel that working on a time basis is the most transparent way to ensure you have the best value for your piece, rather than working on a set price basis.
Yes, we sell electronic gift cards in which you are able to load any amount you desire. You are able to purchase one of our gift cards in one of two ways, You are welcome to visit our studio and purchase one in person. Alternatively you are welcome to call the studio you are looking to purchase the vouchers from and a member of our front of house team would be happy to assist you. Vouchers purchased over the phone will be posted out first class delivery Via Royal Mail.
Our wait time varies depending on the artist, however as a brand we are usually work in advance, meaning that bookings are necessary and walk in appointments can be very rare. The best thing to do would be to send over some reference images or come into the studio and we can recommend the most suitable artist, as well as letting you know their availability.
Yes we can do tattoos at any size in order to meet the clients needs. The only time some tattoos can’t be done at any size possible is due to the way that they heal, certain tattoos bleed together and specific lines or shading can join together over time if the tattoo is done to small. We will always advise you first if we feel this is going to be the case so as long as you follow the advice given you will have nothing to worry about.
Yes we are more than happy to do cover ups. Send us over some pictures of your existing tattoo through E-mail, Facebook or Instagram or alternatively pop into one of our branches for a free consultation. All of the work that leaves Vivid Ink is of a very high standard and through following the correct advice we will make sure that you leave happy!
If you have a tattoo which you hate but don’t want laser, looking into a cover up or rework of your current piece can be the best options. This is not always possible as certain pieces can be made worse rather than better without laser removal first however one of our professionals will be able to advise on what’s best depending on your current situation.
We understand that sometimes things come up and you will need to rearrange an appointment due to work commitments etc. This is not a problem as long as we know 72 hours before your appointment. This simply enables us the time to fill your slot with another client, meaning that the artist will still be able to work on that date and your deposit will be securely rolled over to another date. Any changes within less than 72 hours of the appointment however will mean that the deposit will be forfeited, meaning we would require another deposit in order to book you in.
We understand that sometimes, due to no fault of your own, you may accidentally knock a scab off your tattoo don't worry! We offer a free touch up on tattoos done within 3 months, as long as we can see that the tattoo hasn't been purposely picked at or if you haven't followed the correct aftercare provided by your artist. Please be aware that problem areas such as hands, fingers and feet aren't included in the free touch up policy and will incur a charge top be touched up.
The reason we advise against detailed finger tattoos is nothing to do with how they will look on the day, but more to do with how they look after a certain period of time. This is because the finer details can spread out and join together over time, leaving the once detailed tattoo to end up looking blurred and messy which can be impossible to correct. We will do our best to come to a compromise, one where we are able to give you most detailed piece possible, whilst at the same time ensuring your tattoo will heal correctly.
No, its against the law to tattoo a minor, even if parental consent is give. The artist can be landed with a large fine and potentially lose their licence. From the day of your 18th birthday onwards however we will be more than happy to have you in any of our studios for some amazing Ink!
We currently offer piercing in our Stafford and Birmingham branches. More details of what your local studio can offer can be found on this website.
- In store. Come into one of our studios and see a member of our expert front of house team who will be more than happy to go through your ideas with you. Giving you an idea of cost, aswell as letting you know which artist will be best suited and their availability. From there you will have the option to book in for your tattoo or for something a little more complex we may book you in for a free consultation with your artist to make sure that you are getting exactly what you wanted. - Message/Telephone Bookings can be made through messenger on Facebook, email or Instagram. Alternatively you can send over your ideas through to our Email, Facebook or Instagram pages and discuss with one of our team who will be able to advise you. Once you have the necessary information and are happy to make a booking, we can take deposits over the phone and secure your slot with one of our artists. Alternatively you will be able to set up a date and time to come in store to discuss things further before your were to make your booking.
Portrait tattoos are something which we pride ourselves on, and can be one of the most rewarding styles of tattooing seeing the smile on a clients face once they see the finished piece! It is important to remember however that as artists we are working purely from the photography in front of us. Photographs with good lighting and high contrast allow us to create the most detailed portraits, one which perfectly replicate the person behind the photograph. Portraits from older photos can sometimes lack details in key areas such the eyes or nose , and whilst realistic portraits can be done which will replicate the image, it may not be as detailed as a more modern, well taken picture.
We do indeed offer laser removal. This can currently be found in our Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield and Stafford Branches. This can sometimes be used to completely remove a tattoo which you may be unhappy with , or often to lighten up your current tattoo to the point where it can be covered with something which looks a lot nicer and of a far higher quality.
This is exactly what our Artists/Front of house team specialise in! Send over your ideas through any of our online methods (email, facebook, Instagram etc) or Pop into one of our branches for a free consultation, from there we will be able to advise you on how to turn your ideas into your perfect tattoo.
We don’t change for design work, this is part of our job and the only thing that you will pay for is the time spent getting your tattoo. However we do take deposits on our slots which would then come off the price at the end of the tattoo. This way we can spend time on your design knowing that there will be an end product after spending in many cases multiple hours on a design. Don’t worry if you don’t like our initial designs as once you are booked in with a deposit we will spend as much time as needed in order to ensure that you are happy with the end result and can make changes as many times as necessary.
This can be a very difficult question to answer as sleeve tattoos can vary a lot depending on the size of the arm and the style of the tattoo and weather you would like it in black and grey or colour. Sleeves on average can be done between 20-40 hours and we have varying hourly rates between 60-80 pounds per hour depending on the artist Sleeves can also be split up into an average of 3-6 day sittings at varying day rates of 450-500 per day. Pop into our of our stores for a free consultation and we can see which financial option works best for you.
This is down to artist discretion. Some Artists do not tattoo white Ink tattoos due to the way that they heal as they can fade and turn more of a yellow colour over time looking similar to a scar. If however you have been made aware beforehand of the circumstances and are still happy to go ahead with the piece, we do have other artists who will be willing to tattoo this for you.

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