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At Vivid, we like to do things differently: from our state-of-the-art tattoo studios, to our spectacular artists them a wealth of experience and a truly global take on body art. We promise an entirely fresh approach to high-quality body art. Our artists will create individual and timeless tattoos: starting from the initial consultation and design, through to application and aftercare service, our highly skilled and experienced teams will be with you for every step of your tattoo journey.


Add some sparkle to your life... At vivid we understand that piercings can be a daunting process. Our piercers are friendly and experienced at putting you at ease from any piercing jitters. We make sure your piercings are done right the first time.

Our ethos is to provide a safe, sterile, and enjoyable experience using only the best products. We also provide aftercare advice with all piercings, so you are not left wondering about the healing process. We are here to talk you through, step by step and we ensure we are available for a chat even after you’ve left the studio. Book a free piercing consultation now!.

Laser Removal

At Vivid Ink, we offer the safest and most effective laser treatment, whether you want a tattoo completely removed or if you want it slightly faded to get a cover up from one of our amazing tattooists.

We offer consultations, where our specialists will be able to recommend the number of sessions required to fade or completely remove your tattoo.

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The best way to enjoy a treatment at our studio is to book an appointment with the desired tattoo artist. Fill in the form below and we will contact you to discuss your appointment.

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