Meet Alice

Hi, I'm Alice

Tattoo Artist @ Vivid Ink Stourbridge

Alice joined Vivid Ink in 2022, prior to this Alice was a teacher. Alice enjoys dot work, mandalas and floral designs, however, would like to expand her portfolio with more work which includes colour.

Alice is always drawing new designs that she would love to tattoo and actively posts them on her social media platforms.

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Alice's Q & A

I was an art teacher (crowd control).

Floral, Mandala, Geometric, Linework and Vibe.

Painting, taking naps, collecting succulents

Bants, meeting lots of different people, having a catch up with my clients and seeing how happy people are with their new tattoo.

I did a memorial tattoo for a lady who had lost her first born, it sticks with me particularly because she was just so lovely.

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