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Hi, I'm Amy

Tattoo Artist @ Vivid Ink Moseley

One of the MOST sweetest individuals you will ever meet.

A young and ambitious artist specialising in Neo-Traditional and Traditional style of tattooing, A true tattoo wizard with some of the crispiest linework’s.

The studio would not be complete without her witty sense of humour and kind heart.

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Amy's Q & A

Non, no one in my family had tattoos and weren’t massive fans on me having them. But I always loved drawing and after Uni I decided to give it a go.

I do a lot of different styles but my favourite style I love is Neo-traditional, but also small stipple shaded pieces. Linework is my favourite part of the process so anything like mandalas is also right up my street.

I’m a bit nerdy so gaming, films and series but I also really enjoy getting outside. Me and my mum have a camper van together and we go camping and do festivals. As well I get into my gardening, tomatoes and Peppers so far, as well as hanging outside with my two cats.

When me and a customer are brainstorming ideas together and it flows into creating a great idea. Especially when we keep adding back and forth and we both start getting excited about what it is we’ve decided.

I do so many that are meaningful for different reasons it’s hard to choose. I have tattooed people wanting something for having lost loved ones and children to having overcoming big challenges in their lives or as simple as celebrating themselves and freedom of self expression. Regardless they always give me the most amount of pride in my work.

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