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Hi, I'm Carys

Piercer @ Vivid Ink Moseley

Carys had her first piercing done at just 5 years old when she got her lobes done for the first time.

It wasn’t until she reached her teenage years however that her interest in piercing really grew.

She quickly got multiple more body piercings and knew this was something that she wanted to pursue.

Carys likes to unwind in her spare time by playing Video Games such as Dead by Daylight or Overwatch.

It was this hobby that led Carys to work at the Video Game store C.E.X.

After doing this for a couple of years, however, Carys quickly realised that she needed to pursue her creative side with Body Piercing and started completing as many courses and training certificates as possible in order to get her foot in the door.

This hard work paid off as she has since gone on to become a fully-fledged piercer with many happy clients to her name.

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Carys's Q & A

In 2018 I moved away from my home in Northamptonshire to pursue University in Birmingham where I studied English Language and Literature. Through my time in education, I realised my existing passion for piercings could evolve into a career with enough dedication; The day after I handed in my final coursework I began learning and researching more and more about body piercing straight away with the hopes to find an apprenticeship opportunity! 3 years later, here I am living my dream!

When I am not at work, I enjoy expanding my knowledge about piercing; doing photography and arts; and charging up my crystals to manifest good vibes all year round!

What I love most about my job is seeing the uplifting energy of every happy client after a piercing! Knowing that piercings can aid in improving one’s self-confidence or sense of identity is what motivates me every day to provide exceptional service. I am especially passionate about aiding gender euphoria for my LGBTQ+ clients who may use body-piercing as a way to feel more comfortable in their body and connecting with people from all walks of life is so interesting! What more could I ask for!?

Every piercing I perform is meaningful in one way or another – whether it’s something spontaneous or well planned, knowing that each client is walking away with their head held a little higher after their time in the studio brings me so much pride about the work I do.

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