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Hi, I'm Cody

Tattoo Artist @ Vivid Ink Stafford

Cody has been with ourselves since the beginning of her tattooing career starting off as an apprentice.

She loves to put her hand to most styles but especially loves doing blackwork, traditional or fine line tattoos!

She’s an exceptional artist and it really shows in her portfolio, she does all sorts of pencil drawings and some of her spectacular work is up for display at her station here in Vivid Ink Stafford!

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Cody's Q & A

I dropped out of uni before I started and got an apprenticeship pretty much as soon as I left sixth form.

Blackwork and American Traditional.

Travelling abroad with my family, going out with my friends and going to festivals.

Meeting new people from all walks of life!

I’ve done a lot of self-harm scar coverups. Those ones are always pretty cool to be able to do for people. It’s nice to see the relief on peoples faces when the tattoo’s complete and the scars are hidden.

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