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Hi, I'm Daro

Tattoo Artist @ Vivid Ink Sutton

Of Polish descent but having lived in Italy, Daro gave up the canals of Venice for the roads of the UK and is another day one artist who has been a part of Vivid ink Sutton since the grand launch in 2012.

Daro can turn his hand to all styles of tattooing but is our resident tattoo cover up wizard and traditional Japanese specialist.

When not creating masterpieces, Daro can be found getting dragged around the local park by his pair of enormous Alano Espanol pet dogs.

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Daro's Q & A

Veterinary training and K9 obedience, training and psychology.
Musician and artist – playing bass guitar for European rock bands.
Landscape design and gardening
Events planning and design – weddings, music and festival events and special occasions in Venice, Italy.

Realistic, colour and back and grey.
Traditional Japanese.
Cover-ups and reworks.

Politics and history
Drone flying, filming, photography and editing.

Working with people from different backgrounds and nationalities.

My first tattoo which introduced me to the world of tattoo art and culture.

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