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Hi, I'm Dave

Studio Manager @ Vivid Ink Sutton

After originally beginning his Vivid ink career as a tattoo designer at Vivid ink Stafford, David eventually took over more of a managerial role within the branch.

After success managing Vivid ink Stafford, David transferred over to the more established and busier Vivid ink Sutton Coldfield studio in 2018, where he is active manager currently.

When not at work, David can usually be found on a golf course pulling off his best Tiger Woods impression.

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Dave's Q & A

I originally started with Vivid ink as a tattoo designer and having enjoyed art and design graphics while at secondary school, knew I would enjoy creating custom designs from real photography and imagery that would eventually see themselves transferred onto someone’s skin. Over time I took on more of a managerial role at Vivid ink Stafford before transferring to Vivid ink Sutton Coldfield.

As a tattoo designer I loved being given the challenge of putting thoughts from someone’s head, into an actual tattoo design on paper. As studio manager, I really enjoy working alongside extremely talented artists from all corners of the globe and helping to bring out the best in them.

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