Meet Dorian

Hi, I'm Dorian

Tattoo Artist @ Vivid Ink Birmingham

One of the Originals – Dorian is true master of his craft!

Dorian answered a paper ad Many Moons ago and Instantly became a smash hit!

Famed in his home country of Bulgaria – Many famous artists working in the UK were Mentored by Dorian.

Although he will never take the credit for it – this is not in his Nature – He certainly should!

Known for his relentless work ethic and Incredible skill – Its people like Dorian who have helped Elevate tattooing to where it is today!

A well travelled Individual and someone who is incredibly open minded. His skillset is Vast and Influenced by many medium of art.

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Dorian's Q & A

I was working as a graphic designer back in Bulgaria and I was also studying art in high school!

Black and grey realism! New School! Japanese! These are my favourites!

I love travelling and going to as many live gigs as possible! Punk , Ska and Reggae!

I love the feeling when I finish a big project! The moment when a full sleeve or back piece comes together! I also love seeing the smile on my clients face!

For every customer their pieces are meaningful! From small to large they can all tell a story so it’s so difficult to say.

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