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Art has been a passion of mine since I was very little and the idea of having a piece of artwork tattooed on you forever has always amazed me. Tattoo studios always give out good vibes and they are the one place I feel I can be myself. I love seeing the tattoos that artists post and talk about on social media, so getting to see and speak about them in person is just awesome!

My favourite part of working for Vivid Ink would be the people I get to work with and having a nice chat with the lovely clients that walk through our doors each day. At Vivid Ink Sutton we are like a big family and since day one I’ve felt at home.

I enjoy speaking to every customer but my favourite experiences have to be when clients leave with a big smiles on their faces because they’re so excited about their new tattoo and happy with their experience here at the Sutton studio.

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