Meet Jacob

Hi, I'm Jacob

Studio manager @ Vivid Ink Derby

Jacob has been with Vivid Ink for quite a few years now! He started his career with ourselves in Vivid Ink Stafford where he was keen to progress through the ranks, he trained up on laser tattoo removal and now works across multiple studios including Derby and Stafford.

He loves researching different tattoo styles and is always keen to extend his knowledge, in and out of the work place! Jacob is an avid language learner always up for a challenge!

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Jacob's Q & A

I had an interest in body art, and sort of fell into the position here and loved it, learnt all about different kinds of tattoos and body piercing!

The appreciation from the artists when I book them work they love to do! Or if they want to try something new out!

One of my laser removal customers actually bought me an England football top in as a present not long before my birthday! Couldn’t believe it!

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