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Hi, I'm Jeni

Studio manager, Tattoo removal @ Vivid Ink Stafford

The true heart and soul of the studio, Jen joined the Vivid Ink Stafford team back in 2015 and has been leading the studio from the front of the house ever since, Jen has a love for the tattoo and piercing industry and recently completed the highest levels of certification in laser tattoo removal which she currently provides in the studio.

Customer service and high levels of professionalism are at the forefront of everything she does.

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Jeni's Q & A

I have always been in a customer facing job role, but I was always made to hide or cover my piercings. When the opportunity came to work at Vivid Ink I jumped at the chance! It’s amazing able to do something you are that you love and are good at whilst being able to completely be yourself. I’ve always been alternative, and a little bit different, growing up the body modification world fascinated me. Now as an adult being able to thrive in my career in something that I am genuinely interested in and have a passion for is a dream come true.

The ability to completely change someone’s confidence is the best feeling ever. Being the manager of the studio, and also the laser technician I have a lot of interaction with the customers, just to see them throughout their whole journey, whether it’s adding the final touches to a full body piece, or the first tattoo as an 18-year-old just starting to explore the body modification world. Every customers journey is just as important and special, and to be able to be a part of that is the best feeling in the world.

As cliche as it sounds, nearly all of my interactions are my favourite. I genuinely love my job, I get particular enjoyment when they come in with no confidence, for a tattoo that has gone horribly wrong, to which I then start the laser process for them and then they book in to get it covered. The difference in the person once this has happened is immense, tattoos are one of the biggest confidence boosters there is and being a part of that is quite literally the best thing ever!

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