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Hi, I'm Jodie

Body Piercer @ Vivid Ink Birmingham

Jodies first piercing that she had done was her Lobes when she was just 7 years old.

It was a few years Later at 14 – When Jodie went to get her Belly pierced, she was fascinated by the whole process!

Falling into Nursing – It was here that Jodie learned about the Anatomy of the human body and where the idea of becoming a body piercer really came into her mind!

Jodie sought out an apprenticeship at her local studio and Shadowed and worked alongside Many experienced body piercers, before Making the switch to Vivid Ink in 2019 where she has since gone on from strength to strength!

Jodie is famous for her Ice Cool persona – someone who is extremely calming and makes peoples nerves go away!

Also as someone who loves to share her extensive knowledge with others – She has played the part in the training of numerous body piercers of the future!

Many of whom will point to Jodie as a Key factor in their growth!

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Adult nursing

Body piercing

I currently have a busy home life so getting 5 minutes for a cuppa is nice.

When a customer is happy with their piercing.

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