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Hi, I'm Julia

Tattoo Artist @ Vivid Ink Worcester

Julia joined Vivid ink in 2021!

She started in our academy and broke through to become an awesome artist!

Julia spent some time as an apprentice abroad in Chile before coming to the UK to pursue Tattooing! She also Loves to paint, and dance too!

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I did a Photography degree, moved to Chile, joined a circus, taught English as a Second Language, made vintage inspired clothing, was a dog groomer. Dog grooming funded 8 months of tattoo apprenticeship before COVID brought me back to UK.

Illustrative blackwork and colour, dotwork, linework, ornamental/geometric.

Making clothes, latin dance, painting, circus arts.

I really enjoy working with the body’s contours and shape with a design. It’s a challenge you don’t get with other mediums and it’s very satisfying.

Hard to choose, I do a lot of memorial tattoos and often the tattoos are a form of therapy in a way.

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