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Hi, I'm Kam

Studio manager @ Vivid Ink Moseley

Kam started his Vivid Ink Journey back in 2018 as front-of-house staff at our Moseley studio.

Kam’s passion for art and the tattoo industry made him the perfect candidate for studio manager, which is enhanced by the care he gives to everyone who walks through the door.

A kindred spirit, Kam goes the extra mile each day to create a safe environment for all and in providing clients the upmost customer service; and he also makes a cracking brew.

Kam is the man for all your tattoo enquiries and questions, big or small.

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Kam's Q & A

I have always been interested in Art and design.

The tattoo industry has been the first place where I truly felt comfortable being myself and has allowed me to express myself and grow with Tattoos and body modifications.

For this reason, I just wanted to be part of the industry regardless of what the job role
would be, guess you can say my passion and interest fuelled me to work in a tattoo studio / environment.

I LOVE that I feel comfortable and confident in my job, it’s a place where I have grown and become myself. It is an added bonus that I work with some of the most beautiful individuals who truly have care about my well-being and show me endless love and support.

Too many to choose from however listening to client’s stories, becoming closer tothem, seeing their confidence grow and feel comfortable within the studio truly warms the heart and soul.

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