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Hi, I'm Kyle

Studio manager @ Vivid Ink Shirley

Kyle has been with Vivid since early 2022, he has a passion for helping clients with there designs prior to booking and feels at home working in the tattoo industry. A colorful personality who has garner a great reputation for going above and beyond for clients.

Kyle is a massive fan of music and spends most of his spare time in his element writing music of various genres.

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Kyle's Q & A

Before working with Vivid Ink, formerly I held a director position in sales but lacked the enthusiasm to continue working for a mundane career. For as long as I can remember I have always been interested in tattoos and had ambitions of becoming a tattoo artist from a young age. As I’ve aged, the tattoo industry has evolved so much with tattoos becoming the new normal. I enjoy being surrounded by such talent and amazing artwork from artists within Vivid Ink and constantly enjoy the part I play in helping others make decisions about their artwork.

No two days are the same for me at Vivid Ink! What I most enjoy is helping others bring their ideas to life, the social aspect of talking to others about the artwork whilst it is being tattooed and their overall satisfaction within the studio.

I am lucky enough to have an amazing clientele, as well as welcoming new customers who overall, are extremely satisfied with their experience within the Shirley studio. We see many of our regular clients walk past the studio and have been able to establish a reputation for quality tattoos and a friendly environment in the area. My favourite experience with a client was most likely helping a young women, her mother and grandmother make a decision on a matching family tattoo, furthermore the extent of their gratitude for their experience in the studio and overall excitement about the tattoo.

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