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Tattoo Artist @ Vivid Ink Walsall

Hi I liyana I was apart of the Vivid Ink Academy in 2023, Before this I was working at Nando’s then I quickly realised art was my true passion and I really wanted to become a tattoo artist, When I was a child I was always getting in trouble for drawing pen tattoos on my class friends, So now I’m older I still had this passion to become a tattoo artist. Luckily enough I was accepted on to the vivid ink academy, And I’m now a full time artist in the Walsall studio.

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Before tattooing I was in University studying media and communications, during lockdown I started painting and fell in love with art.

Mostly line work smaller illustrative pieces.

I love reading and painting at times, Also love a good football match.

Seeing my own designs and creations of my flash sheets come to life.

I have only 4 Taylor Swift tattoos on myself and these are very special.

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