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Luke joined the vivid brand around 2018 after working at other tattoo studios in midlands for roughly 2 years, Luke has always came from an artistic background with painting always being a hobby of his on the weekends while working full time as a snowboard instructor at the popular snow dome, Luke soon realised he wanted to move in to the world of tattoos and hit the ground running, Specialising in realism and colour work such as portraits and Neo traditional, Luke is one of the premium tattoo artist within the midlands area, With packed diary of loyal clients, Luke is a true customers favourite within the studio and one of the top portrait artists within the brand.

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Before tattooing I used to teach snowboarding which I did for 10 years and before that a had a heap of jobs from bar work to being a chef.

I specialise in black and grey and colour realism, I do like doing different styles now and again however but I do love doing colour realism.

I love spending time with my family and when I’m not I’m either snowboarding or being a nerd and playing computer games.

Seeing the outcome of the tattoo and watching the customers face, tbh I love all aspects of tattooing and pushing myself to be better, I wouldn’t call it a job either!

Meaningful to a customer wise was doing a first tattoo on an 80 yr old customer which was a portrait of his beloved wife who sadly passed away. Meaningful to me was the Tupac colour portrait I did as I was proud of my achievement with it and I could actually see my progress and from me being my harshest critic it meant a lot. I could see what I would do differently now but I was happy with the end result.

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