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Tattoo Artist @ Vivid Ink Stafford

Mel is our longest serving staff member and now part of the furniture here in Vivid Ink Stafford she’s been here since early 2015! She absolutely loves neo-traditional work and botanical and loves drawing and tattooing quirky designs!

Shes also a whizz with mandalas and is super speedy with linework!

Coming from Italian decent, when she’s not in work you’ll find her baking, cooking and making sure everyone has a full belly!

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I got into the tattoo industry shortly after completing my A Levels. I studied the social sciences and art.

My favourite is neo traditional but I also enjoy botanical, Japanese and gemstones. I would tattoo insects and birds all day every day if I could!

I enjoy reading, baking and cooking. I have a tonne of hobbies but work keeps me busy enough not to need them often.

I love all aspects of my job but my favourite would probably be making people feel more comfortable in their own skin. I love the impact that my art has on people, and working with them to create a piece to be proud of. I have an enormous amount of pride in a job well done, and I love the challenges that different people bring to me each day.

I think the crossword of all of my families names on my dad’s chest has to be up there.

I also covered up a mastectomy scar on the most wonderful lady, and a close family friend. It was really lovely to be a part of her journey, as it is with all of my clients. These are the most meaningful for me personally because of the link I have with the people they’re on.

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