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Hi, I'm Mike

Tattoo Artist @ Vivid Ink Birmingham

Unbeknownst to Mike – It was through an email sent by someone else on Mikes Behalf that first highlighted his special gifts for art!

This turned out to be a fantastic decision as Mike has now been a part of the family for almost 8 years!

The rest is history as they say!

Loved by Customers and Artists Alike – Mike takes every step possible to ensure his clients go home with a Smile on their face!

No design is too difficult.

Not one to keep his secrets, Mike always takes the time to help others grow.

This will be vouched for by so many across the UK who proudly wear his work – With some of his clients even coming from abroad as they know of his talents!

Super Crisp Lines – Portrait level realism! There is nothing which he can’t do.

A Self made individual who truly deserves the praise bought upon him.

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Mike's Q & A

I have a masters degree in business administration and I was working in a Bank in Greece at the currency department. Then realised that my studies and working in that field was not something I am interested in and I wanted something more artistic so I started drawing and pursuing a carreer in Tattoing

I know it sounds weird but I specialise in a lot of styles and love mixing then and playing arround with them if my customer is looking for something more unique. I’d say black and grey realism, linework and dotting are the styles I have the most experience on.

Playing video games and watching series is my comfort zone but nowdays working out, bike rides and oil painting is something I am keen of doing.

Creating a design and discussing the idea with the customer is my most favorite part but there’s a maschochistic pleasure I take with creating a flawless outcome but the process involves a lot of stress until you are actually finished and happy with yourself.

I am very proud of my Greek heritage so completing a sleeve with Greek gods and temples was my most meaningful tattoo.

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