Meet Millie

Hi, I'm Millie

Front of House @ Vivid Ink Birmingham

Millie has been with Vivid Ink since 2021 and is famed for her outgoing personality.

A very positive person she always follows the mantra of treating others how you would like to be treated yourself!

For someone who has an avid interest in art the job was a natural fit.

In her spare time, you will find Millie out socialising in town – or drawing or painting at home!

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Millie's Q & A

Because its a joy to work with artistic and enthusiastic people – I love to see people grow in their careers! Its so lovely to see happy customers that have great a great experience and build a fantastic relationship with the artists and myself.

I love being around people. And I love coming into work knowing we have a wonderful team of artists and reception crew all of whom make work feel like home!

Theres to many to keep count but I love the emotional ones – where you see that the tattoo has really effected them in a positive way!

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