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Hi, I'm Paulina

Tattoo Artist @ Vivid Ink Birmingham

Always having a passion for art – Paulina is someone who has always excelled with precise practical tasks, drawing from a young age and having her only cosmetic tattoo school where she would teach others.

It was only a matter of time before Paulina would translate these skills and a move into professional tattooing would take place where she has since gone on to have many happy customers!!

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Paulina's Q & A

I started off as a Dental technician for 6 years where I specialised in Implants and Veneers and Ceramic work.
My Background before tattooing was semi-permanent Make up where I was a professional for 5 years.
Once I was fully qualified I was also able to share my skills with others – where I taught procedures such as eyelash extensions -Lash lifts and brow henna.

I like to tattoo in lots of different styles as I enjoy the challenge.
Linework, Realism and Micro Realism are my favourites!

Keeping healthy is an important part of my life, I have always believed that a healthy body equals a healthy mind.
I have an exercise Machine at home where I practise both weights and Cardio on a semi regular basis.

I have always enjoyed art, I used to draw a lot in school, therefore it is only natural that I enjoy being able to express myself artistically.
I love how every day is always different and really enjoy the feeling of losing myself in a piece.
When I am tattooing my mind is 100% focused on the piece that I am doing – this allows me to let go of any stress and gain a relaxed state of mind.

The most meaningful tattoo that I have was a portrait of a client’s dog who had recently passed away.
At the end of the tattoo, I could really see how much it meant to her.
I am so honoured that people are willing to trust me with such important things.

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