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Hi, I'm Rachael

Studio manager @ Vivid Ink Stourbridge

Rachael has been working at Vivid Ink since the start of 2022, she started off training at the Birmingham City Centre studio, did some odd days of cover at a few other studios before settling at Vivid Ink Stourbridge when the new studio opened in April.

Rachael came to work for Vivid Ink as she has always been fascinated with tattooing, but as her skills are more organisational than they are artistic studio management seemed like the perfect role for her!

When Rachael is not at Vivid she can usually be found somewhere muddy in the countryside – either riding her horse or walking her dogs.

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Rachael's Q & A

I have always loved and appreciated art and see tattooing as an extension of this. I have been getting tattooed since I was old enough to get one so the thought of working in a studio and getting to see tattoos being done was really appealing to me.

I love the team spirit in the studio, we all help each other out – it’s like a little family. It’s also really lovely to be able to have a chat with the customers – whether that’s reassuring them when they are nervous or chatting about where they plan to go with their tattoos and design ideas they have. I also LOVE seeing how happy people are with their new tattoos – I think it’s quite something to have been causing someone pain all day but for them to say at the end that they have had a really nice time with us afterwards!

Without a doubt it was our customer who came in for his first ever tattoo at 74 years old and had a full 8 hour day sitting with Andy (of a full colour Koi Carp – so no starting small here!) He was just lovely to have here for the day and he was SO brave about the tattoo – he’s booked back in for his second tattoo so proving you are never too old to get the tattoo bug!

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