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Hi, I'm Rachel

Body Piercer, Front of House @ Vivid Ink Coventry

Rachel has been working at Vivid Ink Coventry since the studio opened in April 2021.

She started as Front of House Manager and has since trained to become a body piercer for the Coventry studio.

When Rachel isn’t working she likes to spend her free time with family, and pets and getting new ink.When Rachel isn’t working

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I’ve been interested in tattoos and body modifications since my rebellious teen era and It’s amazing to see how much a tattoo/piercing can impact a persons confidence and mindset! To have the opportunity to work surrounded by talented artists and incredible works of art is something I’m incredibly grateful for and am always inspired by the creativity our artists have!

As of today I have 30 individual tattoos with plans to of course have more in future.

The artists are constantly trying to get me to learn to tattoo and if I had more confidence in my art I’d likely look towards this as a potential career path but for now I’m very happy in my position as the shop mother.

I love many things about my job but seeing people leave the studio with a huge smile on their face after having a tattoo is definitely one of the best! As mentioned before I also love seeing the range of incredible designs our artists come up with!

We’re lucky enough to have lots of incredible client interactions with a lot of our clients now considering themselves part of the family. We are bought sweets and snacks regularly which is always a bonus!

My favourite experiences with clients is normally when they tell me how comfortable and happy they’ve felt during their experience in the studio and of course them booking in to come and see us again!

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