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Tattoo Artist @ Vivid Ink Stafford

Raven is an artist from Sweden! She is a phenomenal colour artist, and loves to tattoo neo-traditional pieces, especially animals and dragons!

She likes to do anime pieces, and often does a lot of watercolour! She loves gaming and spending time in her own menagerie which is full of all sorts of cool pets, including snakes, cats, ferrets and skunks!

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Prior to tattooing I was an exotic animal specialist, working closely with crocodilians and many other zoo animals from cobras to lemurs.

Mostly full colour neotraditional and illustrative pieces, but I also love working on neopagan and trad, my favourite things to tattoo are colourful cartoon characters, animals and mythical creatures.

When I’m not working I mostly enjoy travelling but I commonly find myself lost in video games.

The most enjoyable part of my job is seeing how happy it can make a person, it’s one thing to create art, but to be able to bring someone’s ideas to life or create a visual image that tells their story is very rewarding, and it makes this job very meaningful.

In this line of work we are tasked with helping so many people connect their life experiences to artwork, I couldn’t narrow down to a single one. From the car crash survivor who asked me to create her phoenix, to the client who got struck by lightning and came to me for Thor’s hammer, to the tattoo for the gentleman with amnesia who began finding himself again.

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