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Hi, I'm Rhi

@ Vivid Ink Stourbridge

Rhi is our lovely Resident artist and has been part of Vivid Stourbridge since Feb 2023 and in this time she has gained some super loyal customers. She specialises in line work and dot work and loves tattooing anything Botanical or Spooky!

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Rhi's Q & A

Before tattooing, I was a makeup artist. I loved to blend together weird prosthetics and body paint with more traditional beauty makeup.

I specialise in line work and black and grey realism. I love microrealism too. I love doing tattoos based on video games and anime and I love anything spooky or strange.

I’m a big gamer in my spare time, and I love watching cartoons and YouTube essays on random subjects.

Getting to be creative for a living is a dream come true for me, plus being able to make customers happy with my art and help them feel good in their skin is amazing.

Memorial tattoos are always really special – they mean so much to people, so getting to help with that is a privilege. Also, any tattoos I do for my loved ones always have a special place in my heart.

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