Meet Sam

Hi, I'm Sam

Tattoo Artist @ Vivid Ink Stourbridge

Sam started his tattooing journey with Vivid Ink and now is a customer favourite due to his amazing realism skills. Sam’s favourite thing about tattooing is working with the customer to create something they love. Sam’s favourite Animal is a llama

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Sam's Q & A

Before tattooing I studied fine art at university, but after completing that I worked in a pub for several years while I figured out what I wanted to do

I specialise in black and grey realism, especially portraits and animals

Most my time off is dictated by whatever game of football is on (mainly ManUtd games ). But going on holidays and exploring is what I enjoy the most

The final stages of a tattoo where I add all the final touches, watching all them hours of work coming together. I also enjoy all the strange conversations we all have in the studio

I really loved doing memorial tattoos as they always mean a lot to the client.

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