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Hi, I'm Sam

Tattoo Artist @ Vivid Ink Hagley Rd

Sam has been at Hagley Road since early 2023 and hit the ground running! He has been tattooing for over 2.5 years with a varied portfolio of most styles, with his favourite styles being neotraditional, traditional and everything colour! Sam loves big and bold tattoos to bring his tattoos to another level and give you a true statement piece!

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Sam's Q & A

I have always had an interest in art and drawing since I was very young, especially animation and television. I worked in hospitality for a while and then pursued tattooing with an apprenticeship, which led me to where I am now!

I dip into most styles and I’m willing to try almost anything, but my favourites would have to be anything with big, bold colours and neotraditional styles.

I always have to keep busy! I love getting out and about in nature and willingly admit I’m a nerd for animated series, especially Pokemon and Yu Gi Oh!

Honestly, the end result. Knowing someone is happy with the art I’ve given them or that it’s changed their life or something. I love seeing that my art can have that much impact on someone and mean so much.

There are so many to choose from! But probably a floral and butterfly piece I did in full colour as a scar cover-up for mental health awareness. Knowing people trust you with that and that you can change someone’s confidence is really cool.

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