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Hi, I'm Sara

Tattoo Artist @ Vivid Ink Walsall

Sara is an amazing talent who learned her craft at Vivid Ink after demonstrating an amazing background in various art mediums.

She is such a calm and happy person all of the time so is the perfect fit for the team.

Sara’s preferred style of work is black and grey realism but is more than happy to tattoo other styles also.

When Sara isn’t tattooing, she enjoys most of her time drawing creative pieces of art.

Also spending time with her friends is another enjoyment of hers.

The future is bright for Sara, we look forward to more amazing work being produced.

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Sara's Q & A

I started doing art and charcoal drawings when I was in secondary school and ever since then I’m just in love with art! And I was studying art and design right before I became a tattooist.

Black and grey realism and linework.

Spending time with my friends, watching Netflix, playing video games or reading sometimes.

Seeing the finished piece and happiness in my client’s face!

I did a skeleton tattoo on my thigh that shows eternal love! It means a lot to me because I think at the end I would choose to have love above anything else!

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