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Piercer, Front of House @ Vivid Ink Sutton

Sarah started working for vivid ink in 2022 as a part-time receptionist and piercer which has been great for getting her creativity flowing.

She began working at our Stourbridge studio, however, has since moved to Vivid Ink Sutton for a position as a full-time piercer.

Sarah has spent a good time of her adult life travelling with nothing but a backpack and a sense of careless wonder for exploring the world, going from place to place which has been a wonderful experience.

Sarah is now happy to be settled in one place where she can chill with her two cats, focus on her career in piercing and plant some roots.

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I have had an interest in tattoos since I was a teenager, coming from a strict and religious household I was pushing to express my individuality and rebel! The alternative look and music was my way of doing this. Soon as I was 18 I was straight in the chair and getting my first tattoo. When I saw an opportunity to join Vivid Ink and be trained as a piercer I jumped at the chance to join my clan!

Well if you’re counting a sleeve as a singular tattoo then 21 and many more are in the works!

I have considered it many times and just never gone for it, either not felt ready or had the opportunity to. I’m very focused on my piercing now, but never say never! The right time and opportunity and I just may do it.

The variety of people I get to meet and talk to and the same goes for the artists, I love the artistic and self-expressive environment! But what I love the most is when a customer leaves with a beaming smile and comes back for more, when that banter becomes friendship and I can give them the look they are wanting to achieve. It’s a beautiful thing.

A lady came to me with a number of piercings that had either been done too shallow and eventually rejected and some with a gun had got infected from the shock to her skin, I get people with this problem often. She was disappointed and nervous, she had lost faith in the process and wasn’t even sure if she wanted to go through it all again, but after a chat and re doing them for her she found it so much better as an experience and came back later for more, she was happy and confident with her piercings and was really grateful. turning this around for her and seeing her confidence was just lovely.

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