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Hi, I'm Sean

Tattoo Artist @ Vivid Ink Birmingham

When Sean was a boy he would always be found losing himself in the Comic Book world – Batman and Spiderman were always his favourite!!

Sean has been heavily influenced by the Japanese culture and this shows in his style of art.

Various forms of Anime and Manga continue to be some of his favourites to this day!

He made the trip there in 2018 – which is something which he will always remind us of in the studio!

Sean would always spend lots of time at the skateparks – and it was here where tattoos caught his eye!

It wasn’t long before he bought into tattooing by a friend.

A master of Neo traditional tattoos and a very genuine individual.

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Sean's Q & A

My background before tattooing was just drawing, I started tattooing from a very young age in Brazil!

I think realism is my favourite! I really enjoy creating custom designs for my clients.

When I am not working I enjoy cooking a lot. A good BBQ is my favourite! I also enjoy graffiti and other forms of art away from tattooing.

I enjoy making really unique designs and challenging myself to improve on a daily basis! I like to put my own style into the artwork to see what I can create.

I have done many – but I think ones where my family members are involved are my most meaningful!

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