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Hi, I'm Shannon

Front of house @ Vivid Ink Sutton

The most recent addition to the Vivid ink Sutton studio desk team is Shannon.

Originally from the Sunshine State, Florida in the USA, Shannon has travelled the world in the US Military and has finally settled for the not so sunshine county of West Midlands where she married her wife recently.

Out of work Shannon enjoys spending time with her family and in particular her pet dog Daisy.

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Shannon's Q & A

I really love seeing the creative process of designing unique and personal tattoos. I really enjoyed the thought of having a job that allows for creativity and to work in a chill environment.

I enjoy hearing the thought process behind the tattoos and seeing the designs that the customers and artists create.

My favourite experience with a customer is when they talk about a tattoo they want that they’re passionate about and tell us the story behind it.

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