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Hi, I'm Steph

Studio manager @ Vivid Ink Hagley Rd

Steph has been with Vivid Ink Hagley road since the inception of the studio in 2015, she started off working on Saturdays only however she quickly rose to take on the studio manager role within a few months, most known for her caring personality and great sense of humour, its no surprise she is so well-liked within the studio.

With 8 years of experience working alongside various incredibly talented tattoo artists, Steph knows the tattoo industry inside and out and loves giving our clients the best experience from the front of the house.

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Steph's Q & A

I have always loved art even as a child, i used to spend a lot of my free time drawing different cartoon characters as I’m a major Disney nerd. I’d heard/seen such amazing things about Vivid ink and when the opportunity came up to be a part of the team I jumped at it. I love being able to see all these amazing tattoo projects from start to finish.

I love nothing more than seeing different tattoo ideas from start to finish, it’s great seeing such big projects that take such dedication from both the artist and customer all come together. Not to mention we have fantastic & very loyal customers.

I honestly have too many to mention as there have been so many over the years! I do always love seeing customers’ faces once they see their tattoos complete, particularly memorial tattoos, seeing how much a tattoo can impact and mean so much to someone is very heartwarming!

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