Japanese Tattooing

Japanese tattooing Japanese tattooing occupies its own revered place in ink legend. And from the stunning full-body suits to the minimalistic studios and the elegant hand-poking Tebori tools, what’s not to be in awe of. One of the true classics of the global tattoo trade, let’s take a closer look at the legacy of ink [...]

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Black and Grey

Black and Grey We are pivoting back to techniques this week, taking a closer look at the beloved by many Black and Grey. This post contemplates the history of the style and looks at how the subtleties that create some incredible tattoo magic are achieved through sophisticated techniques, generating awe-inspiring depth and detail.  Evolved out [...]

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Back to Basics

Back to Basics As the world begins to put itself back together, reconnecting and slowly shifting into gear, it feels like somewhat of a restart. So what better time than to take it back to basics. Let's take a look at the fundamental techniques and practices that go into making a tattoo.  If you are [...]

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Traditional Tattooing Techniques from Around the World

Traditional Techniques from Around the World Tebori Tattoo — Japan  The Japanese traditional version of stick-and-poke consists of using a wooden or metal stick knowns as a ‘nomi’. It has a set of needles — sometimes up to 15! — attached with silk thread to its tip. The artist would have several sets of sticks [...]

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Dotwork Tattooing

Dotwork Tattooing Recent years have seen a revival in the tattoo style known as dotwork, particularly as it has begun to become blended with other styles, complimenting each other. It is a tattooing technique where the artist creates a design with a multitude of dots, rather than full lines or fill. It can be incredibly [...]

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Sacred Geometry Tattoos

Exploring Sacred Geometry Tattoos Drawing on the knowledge of symmetry found in nature, such as in honeycombs, nautilus shells, sunflowers, peacocks, snowflakes etc, Sacred Geometry Tattoos use repetitive patterns in order to emulate the sense of ease and harmony that these natural phenomena project. Expressing an admiration for how these shapes work in creating our [...]

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Preparing for a Tattoo

No matter if you are getting your very first piece of body art, or if you are already covered in ink from head to toe, each experience is unique. And some slightly more… intense than others. In any case, it pays off to set yourself up as well as possible beforehand in order to make [...]

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