Neo Traditional Tattooing

Neo Traditional Tattooing The Neo Traditional tattoo style evolved from the Old School, or the American Traditional (hence the ‘Neo’), tattoo. The style is recognised by a wider array of bright colours that can often have a velvety feel or golden tint to them. They often draw inspiration from Japanese Ukiyo-e prints and the style [...]

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For Collectors and Curious – Tattoo Conventions II

For Collectors and Curious - Tattoo Conventions part II For tattoo collectors, conventions constitute a chance to get a piece by a visiting artist, without having to save up for plane fare and taking holiday time to fly half way across the world to their home studio. For other enthusiasts and the perhaps not yet [...]

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Tech and Tattoos

Tech and Tattoos The evolution of Artificial Intelligence — AI — from something menacingly coming at us in various shapes and sizes from distant futures in sci-fi movies, to something that is a major part of our everyday life has been swift. Assisting, chartering, calculating and developing, it is hard to imagine life today without [...]

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Sacred Geometry Tattoos

Exploring Sacred Geometry Tattoos Drawing on the knowledge of symmetry found in nature, such as in honeycombs, nautilus shells, sunflowers, peacocks, snowflakes etc, Sacred Geometry Tattoos use repetitive patterns in order to emulate the sense of ease and harmony that these natural phenomena project. Expressing an admiration for how these shapes work in creating our [...]

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Tattoo Trends 2020

Just last week, renowned tattoo artist Fuzi released the first issue of Seulment Pour La Vie, a magazine dedicated to contemporary tattooing. It sets out to show how tattooing has come to embrace almost every other area connected to the arts, such as photography, graphic design, graffiti, and architecture. 1990's Ignorant Tattoos Fuzi [...]

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