Sorry Mom X Vivid Ink Aftercare Cream


Sorry Mom X Vivid Ink collaboration tattoo aftercare cream.

Regenerative balm, Enriched with anti-bacterial additives, Prevents infections and wounds from emerging, Help restoring older tattoos, Backed by World’s leading tattoo artists

Key ingredients include: 

Panthenol – Effective skin penetrator. Improves hydration, reduces itching and infl ammation of the
skin, while it helps and accelerates the healing
Almond Oil – Penetrating, smoothing, softening and moisturizing.
Calendula extract & Sea Buckthorn extract – Calendula extract has anti inflammatory effect and helps healing the wound. 100% natural and
suitable for sensitive skin. Sea Buckthorn helps to wound healing and increases the granulation. 100% natural and stabilized with rosemary antioxidant

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