Vivid Ink presents TattTalks

Welcome to Vivid Inks latest online series: Tatt Talks. This brand-new YouTube series delves into the profound narratives behind tattoos, showcasing their compelling personal stories. This series shines a spotlight on the stories of some of our most recognised clients, bringing their tattoo journeys to life.

In the first episodes of Tatt Talks, we’re thrilled to feature three renowned personalities: Chipmunk, Ashley Cain, and KSI.

Each episode offers an in-depth look into the meanings behind their tattoos, intertwined with their personal stories

KSI opens up about his “Legacy” tattoo in an engaging episode. He shares the significance behind the design and discusses his journey as a YouTube, his ventures into boxing, the success of Prime drink, and his future goals. This discussion takes place as he gets tattoos by VJ, an exceptionally skilled artist at Vivid Ink Birmingham, Known for his back and grey and script tattoos.

Chip, the acclaimed rapper also known as Chipmunk, dives into his musical career and the inspirations. He has 3 new tattoos during the episode, including the Japanese word “Cizan,” a powerful word meaning continuous improvementā€” something he explains that drives his musical career. Chip’s session is once again a highly entertaining conversation whilst under the needle of VJ.

Ashley Cain shares a moving account of his daughter Azaylia Diamond Cain’s fight against cancer. He commemorates her memory with a stunning memorial tattoo on his stomach. The piece is designed and tattooed by Jake from Vivid Ink Lichfield, the Lion King-inspired design is a tribute to her spirit and their deep love for each other. Ashley’s two-day tattooing session is filled with discussions on his charity work, mental resilience, and future plans.

As we prepare to welcome more illustrious guests to Tatt Talks, we’re excited about the journey ahead. These stories transcend the ink, offering a glimpse into the souls of those who wear them. Stay tuned for more captivating episodes that promise to inspire and move you.


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