Traditional Tattooing Techniques from Around the World

Traditional Techniques from Around the World Tebori Tattoo — Japan  The Japanese traditional version of stick-and-poke consists of using a wooden or metal stick knowns as a ‘nomi’. It has a set of needles — sometimes up to 15! — attached with silk thread to its tip. The artist would have several sets of sticks [...]

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Neo Traditional Tattooing

Neo Traditional Tattooing The Neo Traditional tattoo style evolved from the Old School, or the American Traditional (hence the ‘Neo’), tattoo. The style is recognised by a wider array of bright colours that can often have a velvety feel or golden tint to them. They often draw inspiration from Japanese Ukiyo-e prints and the style [...]

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Dotwork Tattooing

Dotwork Tattooing Recent years have seen a revival in the tattoo style known as dotwork, particularly as it has begun to become blended with other styles, complimenting each other. It is a tattooing technique where the artist creates a design with a multitude of dots, rather than full lines or fill. It can be incredibly [...]

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Tattoo Trends 2020

Just last week, renowned tattoo artist Fuzi released the first issue of Seulment Pour La Vie, a magazine dedicated to contemporary tattooing. It sets out to show how tattooing has come to embrace almost every other area connected to the arts, such as photography, graphic design, graffiti, and architecture. 1990's Ignorant Tattoos Fuzi [...]

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